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CLI Usage

Available flags

Usage: simple-scaffold [options]

To see this and more information anytime, add the -h or --help flag to your call, e.g. npx simple-scaffold@latest -h.


Option/flag | AliasDescription
--name | -nName to be passed to the generated files. {{name}} and other data parameters inside contents and file names will be replaced accordingly. You may omit the --name or -n for this specific option.
--config | -cFilename or directory to load config from
--git | -gGit URL or GitHub path to load a template from.
--key | -kKey to load inside the config file. This overwrites the config key provided after the colon in --config (e.g. --config scaffold.cmd.js:component)
--output | -oPath to output to. If --subdir is enabled, the subdir will be created inside this path. Default is current working directory.
--templates | -tTemplate files to use as input. You may provide multiple files, each of which can be a relative or absolute path, or a glob pattern for multiple file matching easily.
--overwrite | -w | --no-overwrite | -WEnable to override output files, even if they already exist. (default: false)
--data | -dAdd custom data to the templates. By default, only your app name is included.
--append-data | -DAppend additional custom data to the templates, which will overwrite --data, using an alternate syntax, which is easier to use with CLI: -D key1=string -D key2:=raw
--subdir | -s | --no-subdir | -SCreate a parent directory with the input name (and possibly --subdir-helper (default: false)
--subdir-helper | -HDefault helper to apply to subdir name when using --subdir.
--quiet | -qSuppress output logs (Same as --log-level none)(default: false)
--log-level | -lDetermine amount of logs to display. The values are: none, debug, info, warn, error. The provided level will display messages of the same level or higher. (default: info)
--before-write | -BRun a script before writing the files. This can be a command or a path to a file. A temporary file path will be passed to the given command and the command should return a string for the final output.
--dry-run | -drDon't emit files. This is good for testing your scaffolds and making sure they don't fail, without having to write actual file contents or create directories. (default: false)
--version | -vDisplay version.

Before Write option

This option allows you to preprocess a file before it is being written, such as running a formatter, linter or other commands.

To use this option, pass it the command you would like to run. The following tokens will be replaced in your string:

  • {{path}} - the temporary file path for you to read from
  • {{rawpath}} - a different file path containing the raw file contents before they were handled by Handlebars.js.

If none of these tokens are found, the regular (non-raw) path will be appended to the end of the command.

simple-scaffold -c . --before-write prettier
# command: prettier /tmp/somefile

simple-scaffold -c . --before-write 'cat {{path}} | my-linter'
# command: cat /tmp/somefile | my-linter

The command should return the string to write to the file through standard output (stdout), and not re-write the tmp file as it is not used for writing. Returning an empty string (after trimming) will discard the result and write the original file contents.

See beforeWrite Node.js API for more details. Instead of returning undefined to keep the default behavior, you can output '' for the same effect.

Available Commands:

Command | AliasDescription
list | lsList all available templates for a given config. See list -h for more information.


See Configuration Files for organizing multiple scaffold types into easy-to-maintain files

Usage with config file

$ simple-scaffold -c scaffold.cmd.js -k component MyComponent

Usage with GitHub config file

$ simple-scaffold -g chenasraf/simple-scaffold -k component MyComponent

Usage with https git URL (for non-GitHub)

$ simple-scaffold \
-g \
-c scaffold.cmd.js \
-k component \

Full syntax with config path and template key (applicable to all above methods)

$ simple-scaffold -c scaffold.cmd.js -k component MyComponent

Excluded template key, assumes 'default' key

$ simple-scaffold -c scaffold.cmd.js MyComponent

Shortest syntax for GitHub, assumes file 'scaffold.cmd.js' and template key 'default'

$ simple-scaffold -g chenasraf/simple-scaffold MyComponent

You can also add this as a script in your package.json:

"scripts": {
"scaffold-cfg": "npx simple-scaffold -c scaffold.cmd.js -k component",
"scaffold-gh": "npx simple-scaffold -g chenasraf/simple-scaffold -k component",
"scaffold": "npx simple-scaffold@latest -t scaffolds/component/**/* -o src/components -d '{\"myProp\": \"propName\", \"myVal\": 123}'"
"scaffold-component": "npx simple-scaffold -c scaffold.cmd.js -k"