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Simple Scaffold

Simple Scaffold

Generate any file structure - from single components to entire app boilerplates, with a single command.

Simple-Scaffold doing its thing
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Generate anything from a simple component to an entire app boilerplate - you decide! Put dynamic data in your templates to quickly generate skeletons, formatted data dumps, or repetitive code - and immediately get to coding!

Focus on What Matters

Use It Anywhere, For Anything

Whether you need files specific to your project or commonly used templates - you can use them both locally or use Git to share them with your team. Spackle on some one-time-use data, and run one command.

Powered by React

Handlebars Support

Did you think you stop at some static data? Generate entire mapped lists of items, pre-parse information, fake data, and more - you can attach any function or any data to your templates. Handlebars will parse it all and generate the files you need.